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 Jacqueline obviously loves to perform and teach in ADA-accessible spaces (including level entrance, level dressing room, accessible restrooms, and ramps)!


However, she is also available to appear in non-accessible venues under 3 conditions.
1) A mobility assistant of her choosing must be available to help her access the space.
2) Promotional materials for the event must include notes on accessibility for audience members.
3) Restrictions of the venue must be communicated ahead of time.

If the space itself is accessible but there are 1-4 steps onto the stage, Jacqueline is happy to provide her own portable ramp!  However, she highly recommends that venues invest in their ramp system.  Think of the benefits for disabled performers and set designers!  This link shows you how to build your own ramp, and this is an inexpensive option for purchase. If your space is too limited for ramp use, this company sells affordable and portable platform lifts for ramps. 

I am available for booking in-person and virtual burlesque performances, modeling, public speaking, academic presentations on disability and sexuality, and teaching individually or to groups. If you have an opportunity you think could be a match, please reach out!

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Images on this page by Max Shaw and StereoVision Photography.

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