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I am always creating new art and I love to improv and perform to live music. Any of the below acts can be booked for your event but they represent only some of the available options. I’m available for local events, traveling gigs, festivals, educational events, speaking engagements, and more. Get in touch via the "Contact & Booking" tab to find out more about my rates and past projects.

Black and white image of Jacqueline underneath the words "You're too young for this"


Image by Jon Beckley

WINNER: Judge’s Choice “Glitoris” Award at Alterna-TEASE 2016

 SELECTED TO COMPETE IN: 2017 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, "Best Debut"

This act fuses a classic costume with a neo-sensibility in order to speak out against the microaggressions that people with disabilities face on a daily basis.  On a projector screen behind her, Jacqueline displays ableist statements that have been said either directly to her or her disabled friends.  While these larger-than-life words attempt to steal focus, she battles against them with an aggressive and sexual striptease that defiantly takes power back.  The conflict between screen and performer replicates the dissonance felt by many people with disabilities as they fight to remain self-assured within an ableist world.
Note: Jacqueline can supply projector and screen if necessary.


Image by Dorret Oosterhoff

WINNER: 2023 PNW Burlesque Festival Monarch

SELECTED TO COMPETE IN: 2022 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, 'Miss Exotic World,' Queen of Burlesque

In this classic-style slow burn act to a deliciously sleazy neo song, Jacqueline appears in all white on her wheelchair throne. She teases with a feather fan that turns into an impressive shoulder harness and uses her wheelchair’s brakes to remove her gloves.



Image by Jacqueline Hyde

WINNER: 2nd Runner Up at The 2017 Golden Legend Champion Challenge

 SELECTED TO PERFORM AT: 2018 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, "Movers, Shakers & Innovators Showcase"

This neo-burlesque act set to Demi Lovato's "Confident" is energetic, acrobatic, and powerful. Jacqueline inverts, snaps, pops, and pulls three kinds of splits in black fishnet and emerald green feathers and lace.  This act was developed under the mentorship of burlesque legend Gabriella Maze for the 2017 Golden Legend Champion Challenge.


Image by Keith Johnson

WINNER: 1st Runner Up "Superfly at the 
 What the Funk Festival 2023

A joyful celebration of Puerto Rican heritage, Jacqueline Boxx performs in an outfit that is entirely leopard print and black and alternates between quick and vibrant dance moves and slow and playful teasing removals. The music is instrumental Latin funk that encourages dancing. This act is dedicated to Jacqueline’s Abuelo who fought through the legal system for the rights of Puerto Rican immigrants. The music he played always made her want to dance.



Image by Devon Rowland

This frightening and sensual act is set to Billie Eilish and incorporates an outfit entirely made of black vinyl. Rhinestone claws are sharpened, an audience member is sacrificed in blood, and booties are slammed on the stage.


Image by StereoVision Photography

This classic burlesque act using Jacqueline’s wheelchair is seductive and prowling in all tones of blue, from fur-trimmed robe to chiffon panel skirt. Jacqueline invites you to join her in a celebration of the sensual and evocative power of blue and the blues, a color which speaks to her personality. She indulges on stage and invites you to indulge as well.

RJ Johnson.jpg


Image by RJ Johnson

As a modern version of Snow White’s Evil Queen Grimhilde, Jacqueline appears first in her throne-outfitted wheelchair.  She dominates the audience with aggressive musicality and sensual floor-work, reminding them why she is the “f**king king of the world.”  Towards the end of the act, she discovers her mirror and becomes entranced with her own image, making the final moments a self-appreciation and a spectacle simultaneously.


Image by Dorret Oosterhoff

What does a ballerina get up to backstage?  In this act, Jacqueline portrays a ballet dancer rebelliously enthralled with her own sensuality, and her own feet.  Despite a traditionally white and fluffy exterior, she reveals black vinyl fetish boots and leather undergarments and finishes with a reveal of her bare feet.  She reaches up towards them as the light fades away, focused inward instead of on the audience. 

NOTE: This act can be transformed into a Christmas act by the addition of the Nutcracker Suite onto the beginning of the track or be performed as is.

Dorret Oosterhoff 3.jpg


Image by Honey Beavers

This nerdlesque act was originally done as a duet in the Seattle burlesque play Burl-X-Men: Days of Future Ass.  However, as a solo act, Jacqueline directs her movements towards the audience instead of Jean Gray and assures them that she knows exactly “what’s on [their] mind.”

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